Hi, everyone!  My name is Belinda and I live in Springfield, MO.  I am a homemaker, mom to one teenager, and kitty momma to nine feline friends.  I love cats and even have an Etsy shop devoted to cat-themed crafts.  My husband and I have rescued numerous cats and kittens over the years, nursing some back to health and fostering others.  I feel the need to share some of the wonderful cat-related things I find on the web and other places.  So, hence, this blog is born.



  1. Hi Belinda, Buddy Foster my adorable cat whose blog i think you follow, has been looking at all those cats and thinking that one or more of them may have a story. Every Thursday is Guest Post Thursday on Foster Cat Chats and we are wondering if one of your cats would like to do a post some Thursday. It doesn’t have to be long and photos would be great. You can see examples on Buddy’s site. We want to show a wide variety of cats and hopefully it would bring some new visitors to your site as you are exposed to my followers. Let me know what you think. Buddy says Meow.


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