Another Rescue!

So, it happened again.  Yes, we rescued a momma cat and her kitten.  No, we really don’t have room for any more.  But we cannot walk away from a cat in need, ever.

I have been in the hospital for a few days now.  This happened the first night my husband and daughter came up to see me in my room.  They visited for awhile and decided to leave in order to go get the truck I had driven to the ER.  It was parked in the hospital parking garage and my husband needed to use it.

So (they tell me later) they get over to the garage and find the truck.  It’s parked on ground level and easy to find.  While working to get the seat readjusted (it’s stuck), they hear a meow.  Looking around, they see a little orange cat trotting towards them.  She is very friendly and talkative.  While petting her, my husband hears another, smaller meow.  Following the sound, they search a small grassy sidewalk area and find a tiny, gray fuzzy kitten under a bush.  The yellow cat is obviously the momma.  My daughter and husband searched the area thoroughly, but did not find any more kittens.  We don’t know for sure, but we suspect they were abandoned in the parking garage.  The momma was in good shape, but very hungry and thirsty.  So she couldn’t have been there too terribly long.  Both momma and kitten were used to being handled, so they had to have been around people.  We ruled out the neighborhood stray possibility based on her condition and friendliness.

My husband and daughter pack momma and baby into the truck and take them home.  I would have done the same thing (and have!) without a second thought.  My daughter decides to host the two new rescues in her bedroom so she can close the door to keep them separated from the rest of our cats.  Both cats settle right in like they own the place.  When the food and water bowls arrive, momma kitty eats like she’s starved.  Her baby is still nursing and not eating solid food yet.  Momma is litterbox trained (thank goodness).

Meanwhile, I am oblivious to all this, sitting in the hospital, until my phone rings.  My husband calls me after they get home and tells me we have a couple of new guests.  I can’t be mad because it was a no-brainer to rescue them.  We tend to somehow attract cats in need (especially momma cats).  We’ve rescued and raised numerous litters of kittens.  It’s a fact of life for us.  It’s not easy, and it’s not cheap.  But we both feel the need to help.

I’m not home yet, and I haven’t even laid eyes on these two kitties yet.  But I’m told that momma is very sweet and very vocal.  The baby (sex not determined yet) is energetic and playful.  This is good news because it means they are healthy and adjusting well.  I am looking forward to seeing them soon!




  1. That was kind of them to save those kitties. I am glad something good came out of you being in the hopsitl. I will be praying you have a quick recovery. The Mama and kitty are adorable.


  2. Gods blessings too you all….this is totally awesome that you helped rescue momma & her wee one….hope your hospital stay is a short one, and you’re on the road to recovery in no time !! we know you’re looking forward to seeing the new arrivals ♥♥♥♥♥


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