Cats Are Good Medicine

One lesson I learned as a child was that no matter how bad things got, my pet was always there to comfort me.  Although she was a dog (gasp!), she seemed to sense when I needed to just sit and hold her for comfort.
Tonight I was feeling very stressed and frustrated about various things happening around me.  Retreating to a quiet back bedroom, I sat down to blog and one of my cats, Priscilla, climbed up under my chin and started purring.  It was so soothing to just sit in the quiet and listen to her purr, feeling the soft rumble on my chest.  Not only did it comfort me, I found myself relaxing from the stress.
I decided to look up my experience online to see if there was any research on the subject.  I found this short article to share:

Cats’ Purring Proven to Help Human Health in Numerous Ways

Put another point on the board for cats! According to Death and Taxes, felines are helping us stay healthy through the power of purrs.

Recent research has shown that the soothing sounds of a kitty can aid your body in a number of ways, greatly counteracting any heartache that comes from your cat ignoring you. Cats are able to heal because their purrs fluctuate between 20-140 Hz, a frequency range which has been proven to be medically therapeutic.

These perfect purrs help lower stress and blood pressure. Studies also show that cat owners are about 40% less likely to have a heart attack than those sans felines.

A cat’s purr can help their owner’s body and their own at the same time. Purrs cut down on the effects of dyspnea, which is difficulty breathing, in both humans and cats. Unless, of course, you’re allergic.

Purrs aren’t just preventative health tools, your kitty’s rumblings can also help heal. Purrs have been shown to cut down the healing time of infections, broken bones and muscles injuries. So next time you’re aching, skip the hot pad and just put a happy cat on the spot in need.

If you have a cat, go thank and hug ’em and perhaps pick up some of those sweet, healthy purrs.


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