Should Serval Cats Be Housecats?

be2a60ba761599a1b22e4a02607f649fThis question was brought up on a news article I saw last night on TV.  A woman decided to purchase an exotic pet license in order to buy a serval.  I think these cats are beautiful and I would love to see one up close.  But I’m not sure I agree with allowing private citizens to own them as house pets.  These are wild cats at heart, and I don’t even like seeing them confined in a zoo, much less someone’s house.  The owner talks about the pros and cons of having a serval.  What do you think?  Here’s the news link and a link to information on servals:

‘Crazy Cat Lady’ gets exotic serval cat





  1. az much az de food servizz gurl wood lovez ta haz one oh R big cat cuzinz livin with her…..

    we due knot think itz….. “fair”……. two de catz…..

    livin inn side iz knot ther……. natural habitatz

    & noe matter what we az peepulz due….we canna take de “wild” outta any…wild animal….big cat, giraffe, bear, …..ewe name it……


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