Answer Your Cats Questions Day

Wow.  Where do I begin?  When my guys found out what day it was, I was immediately bombarded with questions from every side.  This is not a new thing, but they insisted that I can’t ignore them today.  Since Pumkin is the youngest, I let her ask whatever she wanted.  Okay, here goes…

Pumkin funny facePumkin (kitten):  “What’s that white stuff outside in the yard?”

Me:  “Snow, baby.  It’s frozen water that falls gently from the clouds in little flakes”

Pumkin:  “Why?”

Me:  “Because it’s cold outside because it’s winter time.”

Pumkin:  “Do the birds freeze and fall from the sky?”  (lower lip starts to tremble)

Me:  “No, Pumkin.  The birdies don’t freeze and fall from the sky.  Some of them just fly off to warmer places in the winter.”

Pumkin:  “Where did the Christmas tree go?”

Me:  “We put it in a box because it’s not Christmas anymore.”

Pumkin:  “Why?”

Me:  “Because the tree is only for Christmas.”

Pumkin:  “I want to climb it.  Why can’t we get it back out?”

Me:  “Because it’s not Christmas anymore.” (starting to get slightly annoyed)

Pumkin:  “Why isn’t it Christmas anymore?”

Me:  “Because Christmas only come once a year in December.  It’s over until next December.  That’s a long time from now.”

Pumkin:  “Why?”

My husband:  “Because your mother said so.”  He walks off.  Pumkin sits in the window to contemplate this while I sneak off, vowing to never get myself into that again…



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