Kittens Are Hard Work!

I was downloading our camera recently, and I found photos of our newest addition, Pumkin.  She is growing rapidly because she eats like a horse!  She’s also a very active child, running through the house as she chases Misha or plays with a toy.  Pumkin is in that awkward stage where she flings herself with wild abandon as she plays.  She hasn’t learned the fine art of grace yet!  And when Misha will tolerate her, she loves to wrestle.  He likes it too.  He just won’t admit it!

She’s also into everything and climbs EVERYTHING, including us.  I knew the Christmas tree would be a prime target, and it was.  She loves it, climbing up the center and wedging herself into the branches.  We got a few photos, so I’m sharing.

Anyway, my Hilarious Humpday is a few photos.  Happy Wednesday!

Misha and Pumkin wrestling

Misha and Pumkin wrestling 2

Pumkin the the xmas tree 2

Pumkin in the xmas tree




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