Sunday Funnies

Hi, everybody!  This is Pumkin again.  I’m posting on Mom’s blog while she’s not looking.  She took a couple of photos of me this past week, and they are so awesome I had to share!  Check out my selfie on the feature page!  I made a funny face!

Pumkin in a KFC pot pie box
Me in a KFC take out box.  It smelled good and I had to try it out.  Just my size. Pumkin pie in a pot pie box!  Hee hee!!
Sleeping Pumkin
Mom was trying to ship some Etsy items and I got bored.  So I decided to take a Pumkin nap on her packages!
Misha belly up on Dad 1
This is Misha, my best bud!  He was tired after I ran him all over the house about a bizzillion times.  He crawled up on Dad and this is how he ended up – belly up!

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