Happy Halloween! We Rescued a Small Pumkin!

Well, everyone, we did it again.  The phone call came in late yesterday evening.  My nephew was at a restaurant across town with a friend.  He said he had spotted a small kitten roaming the busy parking lot, no momma kitty or other kittens in sight.  So he scooped it up, placed it safely in his car, and called my sister-in-law.  Who then called me.  Yep, the cat lady.  So, off we went across town on a dark, rainy night to get this kitten.

Pumkin Oct 31 2015We had gotten no details.  So, I had no idea what I was picking up.  How young?  How small?  Even what color.  I was hoping it wasn’t a tiny kitten accidently dropped by a momma cat moving her kittens.  But the fact that my nephew had been able to pick it up meant that it likely wasn’t feral.  So I crossed my fingers.

When we arrived, the kitten was hiding amongst the stuff in Ryan’s car.  It was a small orange tabby, approximately 8-9 weeks old, and it’s eyes were almost swollen shut.  I managed to get ahold of it and pull it in the carrier.  It wasn’t skinny, and it was mostly clean, except for some nastiness around the eyes.  We were afraid that someone had put something harmful in the kitten’s eyes and blinded it.  After a search of the area for more kittens we might have missed, we were pretty convinced it had been dumped recently.   It was fortunate that Ryan had rescued the kitten before it had been hit by a car.

I brought Pumkin (dubbed so because it was Halloween and the kitten was orange) home and we looked her over.  We weren’t sure the kitten could see, so we decided to keep it in the carrier, out of harm’s way.  I already had a vet appointment scheduled for today, so I just took Pumkin too.  The vet determined it was a girl and she was about 9 weeks old.  She doesn’t have fleas, but she has ear mites and conjunctivitis (eye infection).  Thankfully, he looked at the eyes and said she can see.  They are just irritated.  The vet treated her with medication for the mites and flea prevention (unfortunately we have fleas right now).  He also dewormed her and gave us cream for her eyes.  Otherwise, she’s in good shape.

Because the eye infection is contagious to other cats, we have to keep Pumkin isolated from the rest of our guys until she’s well.  So, she’s staying in the carrier until we get a spare room kitten proofed.  I put a pink Beanie Baby cat in the carrier with her.  She has adopted it and drags it around the carrier.  She punches a bed on it then sleeps with it.  Too cute!  Right now, she’s rolling around in the carrier, chewing on it’s tail.

We’ll try to find her a home, but I think she’s determined to worm her way into our hearts and our home.  It’s working.  Happy Halloween!



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