Support Your Local No-Kill Shelter!

2369448-MMy favorite no-kill shelter in Southwest Missouri is Haven of the Ozarks in Washburn, Missouri.  I live in Springfield, Missouri, which is a bit of a long drive away.  But it is worth it to take cats in need of a home to a top-notch facility.  I cannot say enough good things about this shelter and it’s volunteers.  They have a large facility out in the country, with plenty of open space and away from the noise of town.  This shelter houses mainly dogs and cats.  Dogs have roomy runs with shelters and volunteers to exercise them.  The cats have a newly renovated and enlarged space with several rooms, large sunny windows, climbing shelves with comfy beds and access to an enclosed outside porch if they wish.  I have taken several cats to this shelter myself, and I love them.

2015haven-of-the-ozarks_s57dgbhm8Haven is very busy traveling to various locations on the weekends with animals to adopt out, and they have a good track record.  My favorite thing about this shelter is that they are a no-kill shelter.  Any animal who enters this shelter can stay as long as they need to until they find a forever home.  They stay warm and dry, well-fed and loved.  That makes me happy!


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