Cats and the Moon

black cat and blood moonTonight my family witnessed a Super Blood Moon full lunar eclipse, a rare event that hasn’t happened in thirty years.  It was an amazing sight to behold, and it made me consider some of the many moon-related facts and myths I have come across over the years.  I have always loved the moon and find the effects of it’s magnetic pull fascinating.

When I came in, I decided to search online for articles on how the moon affects animals, cats in particular.  I know cats are nocturnal by nature, but is there a correlation between cats and the moon?  I knew there had to be, because it just makes sense.

I read a few articles on the blood moon and it’s symbolism.  Then I stumbled upon this article on animal symbolism.  I discovered that not only are cats tied to the moon, they were the symbolic animal of the Roman goddess Diana, Goddess of the Moon.  The article also mentions other cultures and what cats symbolized to them.  I found it very interesting.  To read the article, follow the link below:


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