Cats and Seasonal Allergies

Misha sunny window 3My cat Misha (right) had been battling a skin condition for a couple of months.  It took a very feisty young cat down several notches because he was constantly itching and feeling bad.  His fur started falling out and he developed a rash.  He was chewing himself so badly he developed raw spots.

Misha sunny windowWe thought it was fleas at first.  But after medicating him for fleas, it still didn’t help.  We took him to the vet, and she said he seems to have seasonal allergies.  After giving him a steroid injection and an antibiotic, Misha is returning to his loveable, but mischevious, self.  I caught him sunning himself in the window, so I grabbed the camera and he hammed it up for me!

Misha sunny window 2I did some web searching on seasonal allergies and cats.  I found some great information about pet allergies, so I’m sharing the link below:



  1. Poor Misha! How old is Misha? My Cody is 8 yrs old and has seasonal allergy flare-ups 3 to 4 times a year. It seems that every time we have a change of season he suffers.
    He gets the same thing, he gets what the vet calls “a hot spot” that is red, it starts SUPER TINY, if you are constantly on the alert and vigilant (and obsessed with looking for them like I am lol),you can prevent a HUGE flare-up.
    At the first sign of an allergy starting (the hot spots grow large, FAST)…I call the vet and he starts him on Prednisonol (that is a steroid that is fairly safe for cats), Cody usually does not have shots. If I catch it early enough he doesn’t need an antibiotic either. That is for when they get so bad that the hot spots are oozing and wet.
    If Misha is young, these are probably going to be occurring multiple times per year. Hang in there!


    • Hi! Thanks for asking about Misha. Misha is a younger cat, approximately 3 years old. This is twice we’ve had to get the steroid shot. We opted for an antibiotic shot because he is impossible to give oral medication to (I have the scars to prove it!). Our vet said he’ll probably need medication at least twice a year during the height of allergy season. Now that we know what to look for we’ll be better prepared next time!


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