Fond Memories of Friends Past

theres a bug in my foodI was sitting here tonight thinking about all the photos I have taken of my cats over the years.  Then I realized that I had posted a few as LOL cats in the past.  It’s been quite a while since I have visited or posted on the Cheezburger site.  So, after a few failed attempts at remembering my password, I finally signed on and went to my page.  Sure enough, I found some great photos I had taken in the past of my babies.  I chose this one to post because it makes me laugh, but it also tugs at my heart.  We have lost three of these cats since this was taken a few years ago.  Left to right:  Zander, Simon, Buster, Theodore and Priscilla.  Zander, Buster and Theodore have all passed over the rainbow bridge.

At mealtimes, the sound of a cat food can opening was all it took to bring cats from all corners of the house to the kitchen.  This photo shows perfectly how we would line up the plates buffet-style so each one could have their own dish.  Mostly it was orderly, with the occasional slap fight over whose dish was better!  We still feed our current brood this way because they won’t share plates.  We’ve noticed, too, that our current cat population isn’t as social with each other as the group we had a few years ago.  A different mix of personalities, I guess.  We tend to rescue cats every once in a while, and we’ve added some new members to the family fairly recently.  Everyone is still getting used to one another and working out their differences.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this favorite photo and reminisce a bit.  Our pets are just like our children.  We take lots of photos, show them proudly and remember the past fondly.


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