Battling for Bed Space

catmaplI ran across this cartoon tonight, and I couldn’t help but laugh.  My husband and I have been cat owners for many years.  And one of the things we have learned to deal with is how to share a bed with your spouse AND your cats.  (Yes, I know you dog owners out there have a similar problem!)

Not every one of our cats has been a bed cat.  Some of them might pass through while playing.  For others, it’s a simply a bridge to higher ground on top of the other bedroom furniture.  Unfortunately, sometimes these activities happen in the middle of the night while you’re trying to sleep!  Being run over by a couple of cats barreling through the house chasing each other is a fairly common occurence, especially if you have younger kitties.  Seems like around two or three in the morning is their favorite time to play.

Then we get to the bed cats.  These are the ones who like to lay claim to the bed for sunning, bathing and napping – whether you happen to be in it or not.  In the daytime, one of ours likes to sleep in between the pillows.  Another prefers the slight human hip indentation in our mattress.  If you don’t make the bed quick enough after getting out, forget it.  Rumpled covers make the perfect cat nest.  So do discarded clothes or clean laundry piles.  In the late afternoon, our bedroom window lets in a large area of prime sunshine real estate across the bed for an afternoon nap.  If one of us should desire to use the bed for an afternoon nap, we have a choice of moving a grumpy, sleepy cat or working around them.  Usually the cat wins.

Finally, there are the nighttime visitors.  We’ve had (and still have) all kinds.  When you have kittens, they usually go for the feet monster who moves under the covers.  You get used for a jungle gym, trampoline and home base.  And I don’t care how many covers you might have on your bed, because those sharp little needle kitten claws will go through it.  I don’t know how many mornings we have woken up with mysterious cat scratches.

The more mature cats are varied in their bed choices.  There are those who sleep on the foot of the bed, in the crook of your knees, in between us (stealing both our covers!), in between our pillows and up on our bed’s headboard.  Then you have the hip balancer, the pillow stealer and the furry hat across your head.  One of my personal favorites, though, is the tunneler, who wants to sleep under the covers.  This one usually paws at the bed by our faces until one of us wakes up enough to lift the covers to let them in.

I think this next one tops the list, though. We currently have one little girl who is having some health issues, so she’s a bit skinny and she’s lost some fur.  During last winter, she had taken up residence on our headboard, laying on a blanket.  But she still shivered a bit on really cold nights.  So my husband decided to hook up our heating pad on the lowest setting between our pillows for her to lay on to sleep.  She loved it!  In fact, she got so spoiled about it that if the heating pad wasn’t on when she wanted to go to bed, she would sit on the headboard and pat it with her little paw until my husband turned it on for her!  No, we don’t spoil our cats.

So…you know you’re a cat owner when:

  • you work yourself in and out of bed around one or more cats
  • you learn to sleep in some interesting positions, again around the cat
  • you find yourself with half a blanket or no pillow and the cat has the rest
  • you wake up with a cat on your head, hip, feet or all of the above
  • you never quite get a full night of sleep due to getting used for a trampoline

The battle for bed space is ongoing…


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