Collar Training and Collar Safety for Your Kitty

Some cat owners choose to use collars on their kitties.  If your kitty goes outside, I believe this is an absolute necessity.  Even if they are indoor only, you might want to consider an ID collar, just in case kitty accidently gets outside.  A collar with ID tag and rabies tag will greatly increase your chances of being reunited with your cat if they get lost or in trouble.

If you choose to use a collar on your cat, PLEASE use a breakaway collar.  These collars are made with a clasp that snaps apart easily if the cat becomes hung up to prevent strangulation.  I speak from experience.  When I was a younger, my orange tabby cat went missing.  My grandpa found him a day later.  He had tried to jump a fence and got his collar caught on the top.  He was already dead when we found him.  I cried for days.  Ever since, I have asked people who collar their cats to use breakaway collars for safety’s sake.

I am attaching a link to a nice blog post on choosing a collar for your new kitten.  The earlier you start them out, the easier it is to get them used to wearing one!

Choosing Kitten Collars


One comment

  1. I happen to be anti-collar….but….I thank you for mentioning that if you MUST use a collar to use the break-away ones only.

    I am against them for outdoor kitties too because of predators who could grab them by the collar. I think micro chipping is the way to go instead, but once again, thanks for mentioning to only use break-away collars.


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